Monitoring spatiotemporal variability of water quality parameters Using Landsat imagery in Choghakhor International Wetland during the last 32 years

Ahmad Reza Pirali Zefrehei, Aliakbar Hedayati, Saeid Pourmanafi, Omid Beyraghdar Kashkooli and Rasoul Ghorbani

Mapping the spatio-temporal distribution for Chl-a, SDT, and WST with remotely sensed data would be helpful for management of freshwater ecosystems (here the wetland). According to the results of this study, large changes in these parameters were observed in the Choghakhor wetland during the period 1985-2017 and reflect the ecological conditions in the wetland. Considering that this first study with a new approach to the region, it can be used as a comprehensive guideline for remote monitoring as a viable tool for monitoring wetlands.

Ann. Limnol. - Int. J. Lim., 56 (2020) 6
Published online: 17 April 2020
DOI: 10.1051/limn/2020004

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