International Journal of Limnology - Forthcoming

  • The response of diatom community to small hydropower plant and fish farm
    Olga Jakovljević, Jelena Krizmanić, Božica Vasiljević and Slađana Popović
    Accepted: 24/02/2024
  • Cladocera (Crustacea; Branchiopoda) from the Brazilian Cerrado – the richness and species composition for Goiás state
    Vinícius Vilela Carvalho, Lourdes Maria Abdu Elmoor-Loureiro and Francisco Diogo Rocha Sousa
    Accepted: 12/02/2024
  • How diverse is the toolbox?  A review of management actions to conserve or restore coregonines
    David Bunnell, Orlane Anneville, Jan Baer, Colin Bean, Kimmo Kahilainen, Alfred Sandström, Oliver Selz, Pascal Vonlanthen, Josef Wanzenböck and Brian Weidel
    Accepted: 07/02/2024
  • Length-weight relationships of the French pikes Esox spp (Teleostei, Esocidae)
    Lucas Royer, Fabrice Teletchea, Sophie Delavergne, Frédéric Lafitte, Marion Escarpit, Quentin Molina, Emilie Breugnot, Eddy Cosson, Aurélia L'Hostis and Gaël Denys
    Accepted: 09/01/2024