Annales de Limnologie - International Journal of Limnology - Forthcoming

  • Low cross-taxon congruence among aquatic organisms in artificial tropical ponds: implications for biomonitoring
    Fernanda Melo Carneiro, João Paulo Francisco de Souza, Karina Dias Silva, Denis Silva Nogueira, David Bichsel, Nelson Silva Pinto, Arthur A. Bispo de Oliveira, Priscilla Carvalho, Rogério Pereira Bastos, Beat Oertli and Paulo De Marco Júnior
    Accepted: 08/10/2019
  • Feeding inhibition tests as a tool for seston quality evaluation in lentic ecosystems: salinization impact
    Vanessa Queirós, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro and Sara C. Antunes
    Accepted: 08/10/2019
  • Relative effects of elevational and habitat constraints on alpine spring biodiversity
    C. Claret and Pierre Marmonier
    Accepted: 04/10/2019
  • Spatio-temporal distribution and species traits of water beetles along an oligotrophic hydrosystem: a case study
    Vlatka Micetic Stankovic, Manfred A. Jäch, Marija Ivković, Igor Stanković, Petar Kružić and Mladen Kučinić
    Accepted: 11/09/2019