International Journal of Limnology - Forthcoming

  • Microbial community diversity and eco-genomics functions across sediment regimen of a saline Lake
    Chen Deng, Oscar Donde and Ze Qing Li
    Accepted: 12/04/2022
  • Temporal variation in Oligochaeta species composition in an anthropized stretch of a Neotropical urban river
    Jonathan Rosa, Felipe Rafael Rafael Oliveira, Luci Fátima Pereira, Merieli De Melo Silva and Ana Carolina de Deus Bueno Krawczyk
    Accepted: 17/03/2022
  • Seasonal variation in population structure and sexual maturity of Sylviocarcinus pictus (Decapoda: Trichodactylidae) in a Neotropical intermittent river
    David Rios, Victor Damasceno, Douglas Alves, Wedson Souto and Bruno Pralon
    Accepted: 16/03/2022
  • Longitudinal dynamics of Odonata assemblages in an anthropogenically impacted lotic system
    Iva Vidaković Maoduš, Ivana Pozojević, Marina Vilenica and Zlatko Mihaljević
    Accepted: 14/03/2022
  • Effects of Microcystin-LR on the colony formation of Chlorella vulgaris induced by the macrophyte Potamogeton crispus
    Dujuan Dai, Yue Yang, Feihu Wang, Man Zhang, Yunni Gao, Jing Dong, Xuejun Li and Jun Lv
    Accepted: 14/03/2022