Aims and scope

International Journal of Limnology (IJL) publishes original articles and reviews on all aspects dealing with the physical or chemical properties, biology and ecology of freshwater and brackish systems. Manuscripts can be proposed about studies performed either in the laboratory or at field. Said differently, IJL aims at providing a unique media for topics addressing inland water environments (physics, chemistry, biogeochemistry, biology, ecology), from both fundamental and functional aspects to applications and management issues. IJL promotes rapid peer-review and rapid publication. In 2020, time from submission to first decision was 1-2 weeks and time from acceptance to online publication was 4 weeks. The official language of the journal is English.

IJL covers a large variety of ecological topics for both freshwater and brackish systems: Diversity, dynamics, distribution patterns in space and time, of microorganisms, animals or plants ; Experimental and conceptual studies which integrate laboratory and/or field work on organism physiology, biogeochemistry and/or nutrient dynamics ; Restoration and management issues ; Former and new techniques/approaches for sampling and analyses ; Mathematical modelling ; Ecosystem monitoring and in situ surveys ; Ecological applications or procedures which provide frameworks for environmental legislation.