Instructions for authors

Authors should refer to the Guide for the preparation of scientific papers for publication (UNESCO 1983 PGI. 83/WS/10) and/or to a recent issue of the journal.

Electronic Submission

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically at
Authors can submit their manuscripts and all associated files via the web to the editorial office, and track the progress of their manuscript throughout the peer review process.
Authors will receive e-mail notifications at key stages in the process.

Manuscripts must be written in English and should be double spaced throughout. Lines should be numbered in the margins with a continuous numbering from the start of the manuscript. The language should have been edited by a native English speaker before submission.

Scientific names of species and genera should be in italics. The first time a species' name is used in the text, the name of its author should be included. Please avoid right margin justification and hyphenation.

A cover letter to the Editorial Office should briefly describe the questions and/or hypotheses addressed in the manuscript, and explain why the enclosed work is novel and of general interest to limnologists. Authors are also asked to submit the names and contacts of 3 potential reviewers.

The manuscript should be organised as follows:

  • The first page should contain a running title, the full title, the author's names, their address, fax and e-mail.
  • Page two contains the abstract (no more than 250 words) and up to five keywords useful for indexing.
  • Begin the introduction on page three.
  • Acknowledgements: keep them short.
  • Reference list: see specifications below.
  • Tables (one page per table, with a fully informative caption as a heading).
  • Figure captions.
  • Figures.
  • Appendices

References in the text must include the name of author followed by the year of publication. Examples are given hereafter: (Smith, 2002), According to Smith (2002)…, (Smith and Davies, 2002; Davies, 2003; Smith, 2005; Smith et al., 2007).

Reference list: The names of journals should be abbreviated according to the World List of Scientific Periodicals and italicized. The following usage should be conformed to:

Wessell K.J., Merritt R.W. and Cummins K.W., 2001. Distribution, diel movement, and growth of the grass shrimp Palaemonetes paludosus in the Kissimmee River-floodplain ecosystem, Florida. Ann. Limnol. - Int. J. Lim., 37, 85–95.

Hynes H.B.N., 1970. The ecology of running waters, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 555 p.

Resh V.H. and Jackson J.K., 1993. Rapid assessment approaches to biomonitoring using benthic macroinvertebrates. In: osenberg D.M. and Resh V.H. (eds.), Freshwater biomonitoring and benthic macroinvertebrates, Chapman & Hall, London, 195–223.

Tables should be numbered consecutively throughout (Table 1, etc.). Each table must be accompanied by a caption written in the same font as the table text and situated directly above the table. Each table should be typed on a separate page. Horizontal lines should appear above and below the headings and at the bottom of the columns. Extra space can be used to separate the columns but vertical lines must never be drawn. The layout of the tables should allow them to be printed over the width of one or two columns.

Illustrations should be numbered consecutively throughout (Fig. 1, etc.). Plan your illustrations for a journal column width of 80 mm. Colour illustrations may be published in the print version of the journal at the author's expense. Authors should notify the journal at the time of submission if they wish colour illustrations to accompany their article. Alternatively, illustrations may be published in the print copy in black and white format with a colour version appearing in the online version, free of charge. Each illustration and its caption must be placed in a separate file.

Electronic-only material is designed to provide supplementary information which is either too voluminous for printing or is designed specifically for the Web, such as illustration in colour. Electronic-only material may include but is not restricted to:

  • (Large) tables
  • Appendices
  • Programmes
  • Images, video

For more information on the submission of this material (file requirements, etc.), please contact the production office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Units: use SI Units, e.g. µg.min-1.

Manuscripts will be reviewed by two referees. Authors will generally be notified of acceptance, rejection, or need for revision within 6-8 weeks. For proof corrections, PDF files will be sent to the corresponding author only and should be returned to the Publisher within 48 hours of receipt. The corresponding author will receive a PDF "reprint" of his or her article. Printed offprints can be supplied if ordered on the offprint form which accompanies the proofs.

Check-list before submission:

  • Have the "Instructions to authors" been followed carefully?
  • Do the references correspond to the journal format?
  • Is the text in a single file in .doc or .rtf format?
  • Are the Figures (if any) in separate files?
  • Are the Figures (if any) in .tif or .jpg format?
  • Are you prepared to provide a list of 3 potential referees (with e-mail contacts)?
  • Have you prepared a cover letter in a single file in .doc or .rtf format?

Submission Fees

There are no submission fees to publish in the journal.