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Applying a two‐dimensional hydrodynamic model to estimate fish stranding risk downstream from a hydropeaking hydroelectric station

Sarah E. Glowa, Andrea J. Kneale, Douglas A. Watkinson, Haitham K. Ghamry, Eva C. Enders and Timothy D. Jardine
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Moving waters to mitigate hydropeaking: A case study from the Italian Alps

Maria Cristina Bruno, Francesca Vallefuoco, Anna Casari, Stefano Larsen, Valentina Dallafior and Guido Zolezzi
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Intensification of contaminants, hydrology, and pollution of hyporheic zone: the liver of river ecology—a review

Lone Rafiya Majeed, Lone Fawad Majeed, Sumaira Rashid, Sartaj Ahmad Bhat, Narendra Kumar and Vineet Kumar
Environmental Sustainability (2023)

Invertebrate traits, diversity and the vulnerability of groundwater ecosystems

Grant C. Hose, Anthony A. Chariton, Michiel A. Daam, Tiziana Di Lorenzo, Diana Maria Paola Galassi, Stuart A. Halse, Ana Sofia P. S. Reboleira, Anne L. Robertson, Susanne I. Schmidt and Kathryn L. Korbel
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Drought Conditions Enhance Groundwater Table Fluctuations Caused by Hydropower Plant Management

M. Basilio Hazas, G. Marcolini, M. Castagna, M. Galli, T. Singh, B. Wohlmuth and G. Chiogna
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Impacts of Peak‐Flow Events on Hyporheic Denitrification Potential

Tanu Singh, Shubhangi Gupta, Gabriele Chiogna, Stefan Krause and Barbara Wohlmuth
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Grid-wide assessment of varying re-regulation storage capacity for hydropeaking mitigation

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Assessing the Impacts of Hydropeaking on River Benthic Macroinvertebrates: A State-of-the-Art Methodological Overview

Francesca Salmaso, Livia Servanzi, Giuseppe Crosa, Silvia Quadroni and Paolo Espa
Environments 8 (7) 67 (2021)

Investigation of the Combined Effects of Rising Temperature and Pesticide Contamination on the Swimming Behaviour of Alpine Chironomids

Valeria Lencioni, Valeria Di Nica and Sara Villa
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Effects of Hydropeaking on Bed Mobility: Evidence from a Pyrenean River

Damià Vericat, Fanny Ville, Antonio Palau-Ibars and Ramon J. Batalla
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Effects of Successive Peak Flow Events on Hyporheic Exchange and Residence Times

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Role of the Hyporheic Zone in Increasing the Resilience of Mountain Streams Facing Intermittency

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Vertical hydraulic conductivity of riverbank and hyporheic zone sediment at Muda River riverbank filtration site, Malaysia

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Retention basin with Golesti SHPP downstream dam for mitigating hydropeaking and producing green electricity

Bogdan Popa, Florica Popa, Eliza Isabela Tică, et al.
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In situ measurements of fine sediment infiltration (FSI) in gravel‐bed rivers with a hydropeaking flow regime

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Performance of A Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Model for the Evaluation of Stranding Areas and Characterization of Rapid Fluctuations in Hydropeaking Rivers

Ana Juárez, Ana Adeva-Bustos, Knut Alfredsen and Bjørn Dønnum
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Detection and interpretation of recent and historical streamflow alterations caused by river damming and hydropower production in the Adige and Inn river basins using continuous, discrete and multiresolution wavelet analysis

Teresa Pérez Ciria, David Labat and Gabriele Chiogna
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Hydropower Flushing Events Cause Severe Loss of Macrozoobenthos in Alpine Streams

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Marble Slurry’s Impact on Groundwater: The Case Study of the Apuan Alps Karst Aquifers

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Counter‐current swimming of lotic copepods as a possible mechanism for drift avoidance

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Liping Wang, Weiwei Jiang, Jinxi Song, et al.
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Variability in the vertical hyporheic water exchange affected by hydraulic conductivity and river morphology at a natural confluent meander bend

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Wood mitigates the effect of hydropeaking scour on periphyton biomass and nutritional quality in semi-natural flume simulations

Matthew J. Cashman, Gemma L. Harvey, Geraldene Wharton and Maria Cristina Bruno
Aquatic Sciences 79 (3) 459 (2017)

The pernicious problem of streambed colmation: a multi‐disciplinary reflection on the mechanisms, causes, impacts, and management challenges

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Diversity and distribution of benthic and hyporheic fauna in different stream types on an alpine glacial floodplain

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A simple procedure for the assessment of hydropeaking flow alterations applied to several European streams

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Meiofauna constitute a considerable portion of invertebrate drift among moss-rich patches within a karst hydrosystem

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Faunal response to benthic and hyporheic sedimentation varies with direction of vertical hydrological exchange

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Attractiveness of a lateral shelter in a channel as a refuge for juvenile brown trout during hydropeaking

J.-M. Ribi, J.-L. Boillat, A. Peter and A. J. Schleiss
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Multi-scale streambed topographic and discharge effects on hyporheic exchange at the stream network scale in confined streams

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Effects of stream morphodynamics on hyporheic zone thermal regime

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Spatiotemporal variability of hyporheic exchange through a pool‐riffle‐pool sequence

Frank P. Gariglio, Daniele Tonina and Charles H. Luce
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Effects of flow fluctuations on the daily and seasonal drift of invertebrates in a tropical river

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Downward, upstream or downstream? Assessment of meio- and macrofaunal colonization patterns in a gravel-bed stream using artificial substrates

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The hyporheic zone as an invertebrate refuge: a review of variability in space, time, taxa and behaviour

Rachel Stubbington
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Thermopeaking in Alpine streams: event characterization and time scales

Guido Zolezzi, Annunziato Siviglia, Marco Toffolon and Bruno Maiolini
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Short time-scale impacts of hydropeaking on benthic invertebrates in an Alpine stream (Trentino, Italy)

Maria Cristina Bruno, Bruno Maiolini, Mauro Carolli and Luana Silveri
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