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Comparison of bacterial diversity and species composition in three endemic Baikalian sponges
Eun-Young Seo, Dawoon Jung, Olga I. Belykh, Natalia A. Bukshuk, Valentina V. Parfenova, Yochan Joung, Il Chan Kim, Joung Han Yim and Tae-Seok Ahn

Sponge-symbionts have the ecological important functions and produce a diverse pharmacological metabolites. Bacteria associated with freshwater sponges have been much less studied. Our study describes diversity of bacteria in Baikalian sponges, specially, those of S. papyracea for the first time. We provide additional knowledge into freshwater sponge-associated microbiota.

Ann. Limnol. - Int. J. Lim., 52 (2016) 27-32
Published online: 25 January 2016

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