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Tracking a killer shrimp: Dikerogammarus villosus invasion dynamics across Europe

Ismael Soto, Ross N. Cuthbert, Danish A. Ahmed, Antonín Kouba, Sami Domisch, Jaime R. G. Marquez, Ayah Beidas, Giuseppe Amatulli, Jens Kiesel, Longzhu Q. Shen, Margarita Florencio, Herlander Lima, Elizabeta Briski, Florian Altermatt, Gaït Archambaud‐Suard, Peter Borza, Zoltan Csabai, Thibault Datry, Mathieu Floury, Maxence Forcellini, Jean‐François Fruget, Patrick Leitner, Marie‐Hélène Lizée, Anthony Maire, Anthony Ricciardi, et al.
Diversity and Distributions 29 (1) 157 (2023)

Ontogenetic shift in the trophic role of the invasive killer shrimp Dikerogammarus villosus: a stable isotope study

Francesco Mancini, Raffaele De Giorgi, Alessandro Ludovisi, Salvatrice Vizzini and Giorgio Mancinelli
Biological Invasions 23 (6) 1803 (2021)

Modeling potential impacts of three benthic invasive species on the Lake Erie food web

Hongyan Zhang, Edward S. Rutherford, Doran M. Mason, et al.
Biological Invasions 21 (5) 1697 (2019)

The very hungry amphipod: the invasive Dikerogammarus villosus shows high consumption rates for two food sources and independent of predator cues

Luise Richter, Lisa Schwenkmezger, Jochen Becker, et al.
Biological Invasions 20 (5) 1321 (2018)

New record of the Ponto-Caspian gammarid Dikerogammarus villosus (Sowinsky, 1894) in the southeastern part of the Baltic Sea (Kaliningrad oblast, Russia)

A. A. Gusev, D. O. Guseva and S. A. Sudnik
Russian Journal of Biological Invasions 8 (3) 218 (2017)

Application of bioclimatic models coupled with network analysis for risk assessment of the killer shrimp, Dikerogammarus villosus, in Great Britain

Belinda Gallardo, M. Paz Errea and David C. Aldridge
Biological Invasions 14 (6) 1265 (2012)

First records, pathways and distributions of four new Ponto-Caspian amphipods in France

Frédéric Labat, Christophe Piscart and Bruno Fontan
Limnologica 41 (4) 290 (2011)

Effects of sublethal copper exposure on two gammarid species: which is the best competitor?

Sophie Sroda and Carole Cossu-Leguille
Ecotoxicology 20 (1) 264 (2011)

Fluoride Toxicity and Bioaccumulation in the Invasive Amphipod Dikerogammarus villosus (Sowinsky, 1894): a Laboratory Study

Cristina Gonzalo, Julio A. Camargo, Luciano Masiero and Sandra Casellato
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 85 (5) 472 (2010)

Is Gammarus tigrinus (Crustacea, Amphipoda) becoming cosmopolitan through shipping? Predicting its potential invasive range using ecological niche modeling

Jiawen Ba, Zhonge Hou, Dirk Platvoet, Li Zhu and Shuqiang Li
Hydrobiologia 649 (1) 183 (2010)

Mutual predation between and cannibalism within several freshwater gammarids: Dikerogammarus villosus versus one native and three invasives

Werner Kinzler, Axel Kley, Gerd Mayer, Dieter Waloszek and Gerhard Maier
Aquatic Ecology 43 (2) 457 (2009)

A local gammarid uses kairomones to avoid predation by the invasive crustaceans Dikerogammarus villosus and Orconectes limosus

John Hesselschwerdt, Simon Tscharner, Jasmin Necker and Karl Matthias Wantzen
Biological Invasions 11 (9) 2133 (2009)

Mouthpart Morphology of Gammarus Roeselii Compared to a Successful Invader, Dikerogammarus Villosus (Amphipoda)

Gerd Mayer, Gerhard Maier, Dieter Waloszek and Andreas Maas
Journal of Crustacean Biology 29 (2) 161 (2009)

Success of the invasive Ponto-Caspian amphipod Dikerogammarus villosus by life history traits and reproductive capacity

Manfred Pöckl
Biological Invasions 11 (9) 2021 (2009)

Invaders eating invaders: potential trophic interactions between the amphipodDikerogammarus villosusand juvenile crayfishOrconectes limosus

M. Buřič, L. Kočí, A. Petrusek, A. Kouba and P. Kozák
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (394-395) 05 (2009)

Chronic copper exposure and fatty acid composition of the amphipod Dikerogammarus villosus: Results from a field study

Chafik Maazouzi, Gérard Masson, Maria Soledad Izquierdo and Jean-Claude Pihan
Environmental Pollution 156 (1) 221 (2008)

Mouthparts of the Ponto-Caspian Invader Dikerogammarus Villosus (Amphipoda: Pontogammaridae)

Gerd Mayer, Dieter Waloszek, Gerhard Maier and Andreas Maas
Journal of Crustacean Biology 28 (1) 1 (2008)

Is the freshwater gammarid, Dikerogammarus villosus, a suitable sentinel species for the implementation of histochemical biomarkers?

Edwige Guerlet, Karine Ledy and Laure Giambérini
Chemosphere 72 (5) 697 (2008)

Fatty acid composition of the amphipod Dikerogammarus villosus: Feeding strategies and trophic links

Chafik Maazouzi, Gérard Masson, Maria Soledad Izquierdo and Jean-Claude Pihan
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Strategies of a successful new invader in European fresh waters: fecundity and reproductive potential of the Ponto‐Caspian amphipod Dikerogammarus villosus in the Austrian Danube, compared with the indigenous Gammarus fossarum and G. roeseli

Freshwater Biology 52 (1) 50 (2007)

Dikerogammarus villosus (Sowinsky, 1894) (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Gammaridae) for the first time in Italy

Sandra Casellato, Giovanni La Piana, Leonardo Latella and Sandro Ruffo
Italian Journal of Zoology 73 (1) 97 (2006)

Gill Na+, K+-ATPase in a series of hyper-regulating gammarid amphipods. Enzyme characterisation and the effects of salinity acclimation

Steven J Brooks and Chris Lloyd Mills
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Changes in functional biodiversity in an invaded freshwater ecosystem: the Moselle River

Simon Devin, Jean-Nicolas Beisel, Philippe Usseglio-Polatera and Jean-Claude Moreteau
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The predatory impact of the freshwater invader Dikerogammarus villosus on native Gammarus pulex (Crustacea: Amphipoda); influences of differential microdistribution and food resources

Calum MacNeil and Dirk Platvoet
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Aquatic Biodiversity II

Simon Devin, Jean-Nicolas Beisel, Philippe Usseglio-Polatera and Jean-Claude Moreteau
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Patterns of Biological Invasions in French Freshwater Systems by Non-Indigenous Macroinvertebrates

Simon Devin, Loïc Bollache, Pierre-Yves Noël and Jean-Nicolas Beisel
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Biomonitoring of tin and arsenic in different compartments of a limnic ecosystem with emphasis on Corbicula fluminea and Dikerogammarus villosus

Zita Sebesvari, Katharina Friederike Ettwig and Hendrik Emons
Journal of Environmental Monitoring 7 (3) 203 (2005)

Aquatic Invasions in the Black, Caspian, and Mediterranean Seas

Henk A. M. Ketelaars
Nato Science Series: IV: Earth and Environmental Sciences, Aquatic Invasions in the Black, Caspian, and Mediterranean Seas 35 209 (2004)

Pigmentation polymorphism in the invasive amphipod Dikerogammarus villosus: some insights into its maintenance

S. Devin, L. Bollache, J.‐N. Beisel, J.‐C. Moreteau and M.‐J. Perrot‐Minnot
Journal of Zoology 264 (4) 391 (2004)

Life History Traits of the Invader Dikerogammarus villosus (Crustacea: Amphipoda) in the Moselle River, France

Simon Devin, Christophe Piscart, Jean‐Nicolas Beisel and Jean‐Claude Moreteau
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Growth-related life-history traits of an invasive gammarid species: evaluation with a Laird–Gompertz model

Christophe Piscart, Simon Devin, Jean-Nicolas Beisel and Jean-Claude Moreteau
Canadian Journal of Zoology 81 (12) 2006 (2003)

Predatory impact of the freshwater invader Dikerogammarus villosus (Crustacea: Amphipoda)

Jaimie T.A Dick, Dirk Platvoet and David W Kelly
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 59 (6) 1078 (2002)

Genetic and morphological differentiation of Dikerogammarus invaders and their invasion history in Central Europe

Jakob C. Müller, Stephanie Schramm and Alfred Seitz
Freshwater Biology 47 (11) 2039 (2002)