Spawning behaviour of lake whitefish in Lake Huron revealed by fine-scale acoustic telemetry and Indigenous ecological knowledge

Camilla M. Ryther, Ryan Lauzon, Mary-Claire Buell, Ruth Duncan, Breanna Redford and Erin S. Dunlop

In our study of the spawning behaviour of lake whitefish, we observed fish using a variety of habitat types during the spawning season, including a rocky spawning shoal, sandy substrates, and steeper slopes. Both sexes moved shallower at night and deeper during the day, with males moving more at night and females more during the day. This study could help inform stewardship efforts aimed at lake whitefish spawning habitat restoration and protection.

Int. J. Lim., 60 (2024) 8
DOI: 10.1051/limn/2024007

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