Origin, diversity and distribution of freshwater epigean amphipods in Maghreb

Ayati Khaoula, Hadjab Ramzi, Khammar Hichem, Dhaouadi Sonia, Piscart Christophe and Mahmoudi Ezzeddine

Our results showed theimportant diversity of Maghreb despite the scarcity of fresh waters and the weak knowledge on this area. We highlighted a very high rate of endemism with 52% of species occurring at on only 1 or 2 sites. We found enough data to discuss some hypotheses about the factors underlying this endemism and the biogeographical origin of species.

Ann. Limnol. - Int. J. Lim., 55 (2019) 13
Published online: 05 June 2019
DOI: 10.1051/limn/2019012

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