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Age and growth of a newly described barb, Capoeta coadi (Cyprinidae), in Beheshtabad River, Tigris basin
Yazdan Keivany and Masoud Siami

The Coad barb, Capoeta coadi Alwan, Zareian and Esmaeili, 2016, is a newly described endemic fish in Beheshtabad River, Tigris basin of Iran. Tigris basin not only is one of the largest and most important basins of Iran, but also of the Asia and Middle East. However, there is no information on the biology of this fish. In this study we determined some growth characteristics of C. coadi including the age and size compositions, sex ratio, growth pattern, length-weight relationship, von Bertalanffy growth model and growth performance index, in Beheshtabad River, a tributary of Karun River in Tigris basin. This information provide the basic data for management, conservation and possibly aquaculture of this fish in the region.

Ann. Limnol. - Int. J. Lim., 56 (2020) 26

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