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Isotope stratification of meromictic Lake Trekhtzvetnoe at the White Sea coast (Russia)

Yurij K. Vasil’chuk, Natalia L. Frolova, Nikolay S. Kasimov, Frank Winde, Nadine A. Budantseva, Julia N. Chizhova, Ludmila E. Efimova, Elena D. Krasnova, Elena V. Terskaya, Igor V. Tokarev and Alla C. Vasil’chuk

In meromictic coastal lake separated from the sea stable isotope composition of mixolimnion varied due to ice formation in winter and evaporation in summer. From 2012 to 2016 desalination of mixolimnion and upper chemocline was observed. Monimolimnion has highest salinity and enriched isotope composition indicating lack of mixing with overlying water.

Ann. Limnol. - Int. J. Lim., 54 (2018) 23
DOI: 10.1051/limn/2018012

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