Annales de Limnologie - International Journal of Limnology - Forthcoming

  • Depth distribution of zooplankton in relation to limnological gradients under different stratification and interannual regimes in a deep, tropical crater lake
    Peter Osam Sanful, Samuel Aikins and Robert Hecky
    Accepted: 24/07/2017
  • Variability in ostracod communities (Crustacea, Ostracoda) in connected and isolated tropical floodplain lakes
    Eliezer Oliveira Conceição, Janet Higuti and Koen Martens
    Accepted: 18/07/2017
  • Response of a littoral macroinvertebrate assemblage to a persistent hydrological drought in a permanent mountain shallow lake from northwestern Spain
    Adrián Villastrigo and Francisco García-Criado
    Accepted: 10/07/2017
  • Physiological and biochemical responses of Egeria densa to different sediment redox conditions
    Mahfuza Parveen, Asaeda Takashi and Md H. Rashid
    Accepted: 28/06/2017
  • A new diatoms index to assess ecological quality of running waters: a case study with water bodies in Western Anatolia
    Abuzer Çelekli, Assane Anabi Toudjani, Emine Yonca Gümüş, Seda Kayhan, Hacı Ömer Lekesiz and Tolga Çetin
    Accepted: 14/06/2017
  • Are the littoral zone conditions suitable for tropical planktonic microcrustaceans?
    Bruno Souza, Marlene Sofia Arcifa, Tânia Cristina dos Santos Ferreira, Lúcia Helena Sampaio da Silva, Claudia Fileto and Andrés Ricardo Domingos
    Accepted: 29/05/2017