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Fish Diversity and Abundance Patterns in Small Watercourses of the Central European Plain Ecoregion in Relation to Environmental Factors

Adam Brysiewicz, Przemysław Czerniejewski, Jarosław Dąbrowski, Krzysztof Formicki and Beata Więcaszek
Water 14 (17) 2697 (2022)

Ecological connectivity of the upper Rhône River: Upstream fish passage at two successive large hydroelectric dams for partially migratory species

David Grimardias, Céline Chasserieau, Morgane Beaufils and Franck Cattanéo
Ecological Engineering 178 106545 (2022)

Hydrological and lock operation conditions associated with paddlefish and bigheaded carp dam passage on a large and small scale in the Upper Mississippi River (Pools 14–18)

Dominique D. Turney, Andrea K. Fritts, Brent C. Knights, et al.
PeerJ 10 e13822 (2022)

Henn Timm, Kokorīte Ilga, Skuja Agnija, Briede Agrita, Druvietis Ivars, Sprinǵe Gunta, Parele Elga, Gavrilova Ģertrūde, Gaumiga Ritma, Łapińska Małgorzata, Zalewski Maciej, Skorupskas Ričardas, Stankūnavičius Gintautas, Vyacheslav V. Kuzovlev, Schletterer Martin and Melnik Maria
811 (2022)

Fish reproductive activity reveals temporal variations predominating spatial heterogeneity in maintaining high functional diversity of a Neotropical reservoir

Tatiane Mary Gogola, Pitágoras Augusto Piana, Pedro Rogério Leandro da Silva, Dhyego Amilton Topan and Paulo Vanderlei Sanches
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 31 (1) 154 (2022)

The European Fish Hazard Index – An assessment tool for screening hazard of hydropower plants for fish

Ruben van Treeck, Johannes Radinger, Richard A.A. Noble, Franz Geiger and Christian Wolter
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 43 100903 (2021)

Advancing improvement in riverine water quality caused a non-native fish species invasion and native fish fauna recovery

Łukasz Głowacki, Andrzej Kruk and Tadeusz Penczak
Scientific Reports 11 (1) (2021)

Characterization of European lampreys and fishes by their longitudinal and lateral distribution traits

Christian Wolter, Jost Borcherding, Teresa Ferreira, et al.
Ecological Indicators 123 107350 (2021)

Effects of multiple stressors on the distribution of fish communities in 203 headwater streams of Rhine, Elbe and Danube

Melanie Mueller, Antje M. Bierschenk, Beate M. Bierschenk, Joachim Pander and Juergen Geist
Science of The Total Environment 703 134523 (2020)

Evaluating Population Recovery Characteristics and Potential Recovery Actions for a Long‐Lived Protected Species: A Case History of Gulf Sturgeon in the Apalachicola River

H. Jared Flowers, William E. Pine, Brett T. van Poorten and Edward V. Camp
Marine and Coastal Fisheries 12 (1) 33 (2020)

Impact of catchment land use on fish community composition in the headwater areas of Elbe, Danube and Main

A.M. Bierschenk, M. Mueller, J. Pander and J. Geist
Science of The Total Environment 652 66 (2019)

Responses of fish assemblage structure to large-scale weir construction in riverine ecosystems

Hyunbin Jo, Erik Jeppesen, Marc Ventura, et al.
Science of The Total Environment 657 1334 (2019)

Fish-based River Integrity Index: A first attempt in developing a water quality index for the assessment of the Greek rivers

A.S. Sapounidis, E.T. Koutrakis and I.D. Leonardos
Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology 19 (4) 620 (2019)

Relationship between fish assemblage and angler catch in the Sulejów Reservoir, central Poland, in the context of a warming climate

Zbigniew Kaczkowski, Piotr Frankiewicz and Aleksander Góralczyk
Fisheries Management and Ecology 26 (3) 187 (2019)

Submersed aquatic macrophytes and associated fauna as an effect of dam operation on a large lowland river

Maria Grzybkowska, Leszek Kucharski, Małgorzata Dukowska, et al.
Ecological Engineering 99 256 (2017)

Effects of Damming on Long‐Term Development of Fluvial Islands, Elbe River (N Czechia)

P. Raška, M. Dolejš and M. Hofmanová
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Fish recolonization of a lowland river with non-buffered storm water discharges but with abated pollution from a large municipality

T. Penczak, Ł. Głowacki and A. Kruk
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The impact of the Goesan dam on fish communities up- and downstream

Mi-Young Song, Wan-Ok Lee, Kyung-Hwan Kim, Young-Seuk Park and Mi-Jung Bae
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Large reservoirs as ecological barriers to downstream movements of Neotropical migratory fish

Fernando M Pelicice, Paulo S Pompeu and Angelo A Agostinho
Fish and Fisheries 16 (4) 697 (2015)

Can Tolerant Diatom Taxa be Used for Effective Assessments of Human Pressure?

E. Szczepocka, A. Kruk and B. Rakowska
River Research and Applications 31 (3) 368 (2015)

Diversity and Community Structure of Fishes in the Regulated Versus Unregulated Tributaries of the Mekong River

P. Phomikong, M. Fukushima, B. Sricharoendham, S. Nohara and T. Jutagate
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Diet overlap between two cyprinids: eurytopic roach and rheophilic dace in tailwater submersed macrophyte patches

Małgorzata Dukowska, Andrzej Kruk and Maria Grzybkowska
Ecological Informatics 24 112 (2014)

Coexistence of Fish Species in a Large Lowland River: Food Niche Partitioning between Small-Sized Percids, Cyprinids and Sticklebacks in Submersed Macrophytes

Małgorzata Dukowska, Maria Grzybkowska and Tomoya Iwata
PLoS ONE 9 (11) e109927 (2014)


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Reservoir refilling enhances growth and recruitment of an endangered remnant riverine fish

Zeb Tonkin, Jarod Lyon, David S.L. Ramsey, et al.
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Reproductive migration of fish and movement in a series of reservoirs in the Upper Parana River basin, Brazil

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Using anglers' records in Poland as a tool for assessing changes in fish body weight caused by fluctuations of inland water quality

T. Penczak, W. Galicka and P. Grdulski
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 29 (4) 858 (2013)


A. Kruk and T. Penczak
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Assessment of Freshwater Fish Assemblages and Their Habitats in the National Park Service System of the Southeastern United States

James M. Long, Nathan P. Nibbelink, Kevin T. McAbee and Julie W. Stahli
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Implications of Dam Obstruction for Global Freshwater Fish Diversity

Catherine Reidy Liermann, Christer Nilsson, James Robertson and Rebecca Y. Ng
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A spatial analytical approach for selecting reintroduction sites for burbot in English rivers

Freshwater Biology 57 (3) 602 (2012)

Implementation of a self-organizing map for investigation of impoundment impact on fish assemblages in a large, lowland river: Long-term study

T. Penczak, Ł. Głowacki, A. Kruk and W. Galicka
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Influences of river regulation and environmental variables on upland bird assemblages in northern Sweden

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Restoration of the Upper Main and Rodach rivers – The success and its measurement

Volker Lüderitz, Thomas Speierl, Uta Langheinrich, Wolfgang Völkl and Richard M. Gersberg
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Worldwide status of burbot and conservation measures

Martin A Stapanian, Vaughn L Paragamian, Charles P Madenjian, James R Jackson, Jyrki Lappalainen, Matthew J Evenson and Matthew D Neufeld
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Integrating ecology with hydromorphology: a priority for river science and management

I.P. Vaughan, M. Diamond, A.M. Gurnell, K.A. Hall, A. Jenkins, N.J. Milner, L.A. Naylor, D.A. Sear, G. Woodward and S.J. Ormerod
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How do biodiversity patterns of river animals emerge from the distributions of common and rare species?

Julien Cucherousset, Frédéric Santoul, Jordi Figuerola and Régis Céréghino
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Effects of the construction of a reservoir on the fish assemblage in an inflow river

M. Hladík, J. Kubečka, T. Mrkvička, M. Čech, V. Draštík, J. Frouzová, E. Hohausová, J. Matěna, V. Matěnová, M. Kratochvíl, J. Peterka, M. Prchalová and M. Vašek
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Fish assemblages in the large lowland Narew River system (Poland): Application of the self-organizing map algorithm

A. Kruk, S. Lek, Y.-S. Park and T. Penczak
Ecological Modelling 203 (1-2) 45 (2007)

Changes in Fish Assemblage Structure Upstream of Impoundments within the Upper Wabash River Basin, Indiana

Cameron B. Guenther and Anne Spacie
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 135 (3) 570 (2006)

Patterning of impoundment impact on chironomid assemblages and their environment with use of the self-organizing map (SOM)

Tadeusz Penczak, Andrzej Kruk, Maria Grzybkowska and Małgorzata Dukowska
Acta Oecologica 30 (3) 312 (2006)

Ontogenetic Microhabitat Shifts in the Bullhead,Cottus gobio L.,in a Fast Flowing Stream

Milène Legalle, Sylvain Mastrorillo, Frédéric Santoul and Régis Céréghino
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Factors influencing the spatial distribution patterns of the bullhead (Cottus gobio L., Teleostei Cottidae): a multi-scale study

M. Legalle, F. Santoul, J. Figuerola, S. Mastrorillo and R. Céréghino
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Co-occurrence Patterns of Some Small-bodied Freshwater Fishes in Southwestern France: Implications for Fish Conservation and Environmental Management

Régis Céréghino, Frédéric Santoul, Arthur Compin, Jordi Figuerola and Sylvain Mastrorillo
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Co-occurrence Patterns of Some Small-bodied Freshwater Fishes in Southwestern France: Implications for Fish Conservation and Environmental Management

Régis Céréghino, Frédéric Santoul, Arthur Compin, Jordi Figuerola and Sylvain Mastrorillo
AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment 34 (6) 440 (2005)[0440:CPOSSF]2.0.CO;2

Spatial patterns of the biological traits of freshwater fish communities in south‐west France

F. Santoul, J. Cayrou, S. Mastrorillo and R. Céréghino
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Patterns of rare fish and aquatic insects in a southwestern French river catchment in relation to simple physical variables

F. Santoul, J. Figuerola, S. Mastrorillo and R. Céréghino
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Environmental Factors Influencing Local Fish Species Richness and Differences between Hydroregions in South‐Western France

Frédéric Santoul, Anne Soulard, Jordi Figuerola, Régis Céréghino and Sylvain Mastrorillo
International Review of Hydrobiology 89 (1) 79 (2004)